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Collection and separation instructions


Waste separation is easy

We request your participation, dear tenants!

Separate your waste for the benefit of the environment and to save your money. You can reduce your incidental rental costs, this is how:

  • Buy without packaging wherever possible, e.g. loose fruit instead of packed fruit, use re-filling systems, bottles with deposit.
  • Use the various ways for disposal. The more recyclable materials you store separately, the cheaper waste disposal will be on the whole. In addition, it is environmentally friendly.

Should you not own a paper waste container you can order this free of charge under 0281/16393-0!


Paper and cardboard belong in the waste container with the blue lid. These include e.g. cartons, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, packaging made of cardboard.


Bottles belong in the public collective container for glass in your vicinity, sorted according to colours, blue glass is collected together with green glass. You will find the nearest locations under

Packaging on which the green dot is pictured belong in the yellow sack:

made of plastic: e.g. yoghurt beakers, plastic film, plastic bottles
made of metal: e.g. drinks and tin cans, aluminium film
packagings like cartons of juice or milk

Biological waste:

e.g. lawn and green cuttings, fruit and salad leftovers, bread leftovers, egg and nut shells.
Should you request a biological waste container that is liable to a fee the owner of your house can apply for this under 0281/203-2285.

Residual waste:

Everything which is not made of paper/cardboard, glass or metal, does not have a green dot and does not contain any pollutant, will be placed in the residual waste container.
e.g. household contents of all kinds


e.g. paints and lacquers do not belong in the residual waste container. They can be handed into the mobile pollutant collection lorry. You will find the dates and locations in the waste calendar or online under

Bulky waste:

Everything which does not belong in the waste container with regard to the size or type such as, e.g. chairs, mattresses, shelves, carpets, electrical appliances will be put out with the registration for bulky waste. You can obtain the cards for the registration for bulky waste in banks, Sparkasse banks, in the town hall and from the ASG. You can also register bulky waste online under

Mobile recyclable material collection:

You would like to dispose of recyclable materials and need help? You can register larger single parts or also a larger quantity of small parts with us.

The following will be collected by us:

E-appliances: e.g. washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, tumble dryers, televisions, refrigerators

Metals: e.g. bicycles, pots and pans, cutlery, clothes horses, garden furniture

Plastics: e.g. watering cans, toys, laundry baskets, garden furniture

If you would like to make an appointment for the collection or have any further questions please call the following phone number 0281/16393-0.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone under 0281/16393-0 if you have any further questions.

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